The Company

AFS MEDICAL based in Teesdorf/Lower Austria

AFS MEDICAL GmbH was founded in 1978 and is today one of the leading companies in Austria in the medical devices sector. It focuses on medical products for general surgery, gynaecology and urology.

In 2005, Fritz Schweinberger, today owner and managing director, took over the Latinovich GmbH company and shortly afterwards renamed the company to AFS MEDICAL GmbH. Since 2015, Jan Holubec has been responsible for the operative business as second managing director and co-owner.

From retailer to an international manufacturer

In 2019 the company took a big step forwards: In Addition to the distribution of medical devices in Austria the company now also operates as an international manufacturer. The company has specialised in developing and manufacturing access solutions to the human body as well as surgical platforms.

The main reason for this decision was, to secure the location in Austria and strengthen the company for the future. This lead to the takeover of a Korean partner and the foundation of the Korean subsidiary company AFS MEDICAL, Co. Ltd. Together with the CTO, Sebastien Hong, Jan Holubec and Fritz Schweinberger have managed to carry out the AFS MEDICAL International project in only four years. For the time being, the company has four locations in Austria and South Korea. Further locations are being negotiated. Read more about AFS MEDICAL International

State-of-the-art medical technology

In Addition to the own AFS MEDICAL products as the interactive Multichannel Superior Access Port JACK the product portfolio includes over 30 exclusive general representatives of prominent international manufacturing companies. ´The company has enjoyed a continual growth – not least due to the steady expansion of the product range with a strong focus on minimal-invasive surgery.

We do care

The AFS MEDICAL team has made a name for itself, not only thanks to its longstanding experience in the medical devices sector but also – and primarily – as a result of an individual, reliable service in Austria: two separate field-service teams support both the hospitals in Austria and registered doctors who perform operations. The AFS MEDICAL product advisors attach the greatest value to expert consultancy and needs assessment in advance, they train doctors in their practices, are present at first operations while also being available to customers following the purchasing as advisors at any time. The international distribution will be done in cooperation with partners.

AFS ACADEMY – learning from the best

As a distributor of medical products, AFS MEDICAL perceives its task as providing doctors with the optimal support in introducing new techniques in domestic operating theatres. In this context, in 2007 Fritz Schweinberger initiated the AFS ACADEMY, which provides the basis for advanced training and enrolment of new clients worldwide and is going to offer comprehensive and professional training in new surgical techniques at training centres throughout Europe. In the framework  of the AFS ACADEMY about fifty workshops and hospitations take place every year. The AFS ACADEMY closely cooperates both with the leading surgeons in Austria and international experts, who pass on their know-how and skills in relation to new, innovative techniques directly to colleagues at our training events.

ISO 9001:2015

AFS MEDICAL is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015