JACK Multichannel Superior Access Port

JACK Multichannel Superior Access Port

With JACK, AFS MEDICAL brings a new dimension of communication into operating theatres. The smart home is a familiar concept and we are now taking the first step towards smart surgery. Jack, the multichannel superior access port for minimally invasive surgery is the first product of AFS MEDICAL International. JACK interacts with the surgeon. If the port has been set correctly, for example, it indicates this with a glowing blue light. With JACK, intelligent instruments are finding their way into operating theatres.

Product features

Ambient Light: JACK solves a long-standing problem – with LED lamps integrated directly in the retractor ring, the abdominal area can be illuminated indirectly but effectively. A sensor regulates the temperature of the LED lamps.

More room: Gas insufflation and extraction are carried out indirectly by JACK. They are also integrated in the retractor ring, which ensures much better visibility and saves a great deal of space.

More freedom of movement: „Smart Sealing“ enables the retractor ring to be turned without losing gas. The surgical instruments can be perfectly positioned using JACK’s head rotation.
Controlled instrument guidance

JACK wound protection film significantly reduces the risk of cancerous cell carry-over.

The recovery of large resected specimens is possible without a problem.

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Surgical Techniques
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